Inverter Air Conditioner

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Heat Divide Type Heat Exchange

The area of heat exchanging is widened leading to improved efficiency. The coil structure together with the properties of the new R407C refrigerant are optimised and heat transfer efficiency enhanced due to design improvements to the heat exchanger.

Quiet Operation

The Daikin Super Inverter Outdoor Ducted units benefits from significant advances in technology.

This quiet operation is possible because of innovative design improvements to key components.

DC Sine-Wave Inverter smooths the motor rotation resulting in a definite reduction in noise and much greater efficiency.

Hybrid Aerofoil Fan. High-Flared Bell Mouth Super Aero Grille. A newly designed fan, with improved air flow analysis technique developed by NASA, plus other advanced features, provides smoother air flow while at the same time offering a greater reduction in power consumption.

Night Quite Mode. In this mode, the speed of outdoor fan and compressor is automatically reduced when the unit deduces that it is night time. This provides neighbour-friendly operation at night. The Night Quite Mode can also be timer operated.

R407C Refrigerant (Super Inverter only)

R407C Refrigerant. Daikin is the only company in the world that manufactures every air conditioning component from refrigerants through to complete air conditioning systems. R407C refrigerant, that is used in the Daikin Super Inverter Ducted units provides excellent stability, low toxicity and non-combustibility, as well as offering superior energy saving. Non-Inverter ducted models utilise industry standard R22 Refrigerant.

(Extracted from Daikin Ducted Air Conditioners catalogue)

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