Customers' Testimonies

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Stress Free Airconditioning

Thanks to you and the boys for our new airconditioner.  Even with my two small grandchildren running around and asking all sorts of questions, it was stress free for us, although at times I doubt it was for you all!!  Your staff were very considerate and great with the grandchildren, nothing was too much trouble for them.  Your motto "Stress Free Airconditioning"  was certainly upheld. Thank you once again.


Merlene and Peter

Dear Greg,

Thank you and your team for doing a very satisfactory job on replacing, and rezoning the ducting of the air conditioning system in our home. Your design works well in our case, particularly now that our family has moved on.

The heating in the bedrooms (3 zones) and lounge/dining (1 zone) is very much an improvement on the previous arrangement. The rapid increase in temperature within minutes of turning on the system is the most noticeable improvement. The family kitchen and meals (constant zone) does seem to reach the set temperature of 21oC from 15oC in a shorter time than previously.

We are pleased now with the winter heating results of the new system and will await an equal improvement in the cooling cycle during the summer months ahead.

Merlene and Peter

Linda Joseph

Hi Greg,

Thanks for a successful installation of our new air conditioning unit. Dean and Trent were so patient and did a great job. I was amazed just how quiet the outdoor unit and indoor returns are. I just have two questions:

  1. Is there anywhere on the control panel to display the current temperature according to the sensor? The temperature on the display is the desired temperature but I just wondered if the actual temperature can be seen to get a feel for setting the temp.
  2. Has the filter cleaning notice been set in the control panel to prompt to clean the filter? If not, how is this done as I have found it a helpful reminder to clean the filter. Also, what is the best way to clean the filter? If it is hosing then, does it matter which direction eg front to back or back to front or does it matter?

I will provide more feedback once we have used the air con for a little while.

Linda Joseph