We've got you covered with Oregan Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan

Use Oreganair professional team to design, install & service your air conditioning system

maintenenceBy maintaining your system annually, Oregan Air Conditioning experts can pinpoint potential problems before these become a costly, inconvenient emergency repair, and can help to avoid premature replacement of the unit.

Because a well-maintained system runs more efficiently, you can be sure to get peak cooling performance from your equipment and potential savings on your monthly utility bills.

Comprehensive Worry-Free Service

Oregan Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan is designed to provide you with a clean, efficient and trouble free heating and cooling system. It includes a comprehensive check-up and cleaning of your gas or electric central air conditioning system for only $130. Some of the checks performed to ensure the worry-free operation of your system include:

For the indoor component:

For the outdoor component: