Supply Fresh Air System

Save on your household’s long term costs now for an investment of a Fresh Air System

Oregan Air Conditioning Services Pty Ltd can now offer you the upgrade of a Fresh Air System with the installation of your air conditioning unit. As the name suggests, use of a Fresh Air System allows fresh, clean, cool air to be brought into your home without the needing to run the outdoor compressor – meaning your household saves significantly on running costs and wear to your system.

The system works by drawing in the fresh outside air when it is below a temperature of 22c, obviously during the summer months, this occurs mostly at night time when the system saves the use of your compressor for hours at a time by intaking the fresh, clean highly oxygenated air and allows your air conditioning system to distribute it quietly and efficiently throughout the home as your household enjoys a good night’s sleep.

This function can also benefit your household during winter, as on the warmer winter days the Fresh Air System can draw in those midday temperatures that are greater than those inside the home.

We find the Fresh Air System has greater benefits beyond those of cost and energy efficiency:

There is a choice of neat installation designs to suit most homes with examples shown above.

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