4 Notable Pros of Air-Sourced Heat Pump Systems

26 September 2022

Air conditioning units have been helpful to many properties as they can cool rooms and spaces in just a few minutes. With the installation of these appliances, property occupants can easily feel more comfortable and more relaxed, especially during hot days.

But there are instances when the outdoor temperatures drop significantly. Air conditioning units at this point are expected to be turned off so they do not contribute to the further decline of the surrounding temperatures. Fortunately, property owners can opt for heat pump systems to make their spaces warm and cosy for occupants and visitors.

Heat pump systems operate by extracting heat from a cool space. The attained heat will then be transferred to various rooms and spaces inside the property. To date, numerous types of heat pump systems can be maximised by property owners. However, they can mostly take advantage of air-sourced heat pump systems thanks to their following pros.

1. Low Carbon Footprint

Air-sourced heat pump systems maximise outside air in heating the rooms and spaces inside a property. While some of them may run on electricity, they still consume less energy than heat pump systems that purely run on electricity or gas. As they source the heat from outdoors, the percentage of carbon emissions they produce is significantly lower than those emitted by electricity- or gas-based heating systems. This fact makes air-sourced heat pump systems to be more eco-friendly than other types of heat pump systems.

2. Minimal Energy Expenses

Another pro of using air-sourced heat pump systems is they only require a minimal amount of energy. The energy bills of a household are expected to reduce over time once they install these heat pump systems. One reason behind their lower energy bills is that these systems do not require tons of energy just to power everything up. They can likewise heat property spaces right away without a significant drip on their performance. Property owners can therefore expect their spaces to be heated at the right temperature without costing too much time and money.

3. Simple Installation

Air-sourced heat pump systems are not only eco-friendly and cost-efficient but they can also be installed easily. A lot of heat pump systems today require numerous days before they can be installed and controlled effectively. Air-sourced heat pump systems, alternatively, can already be installed in around two days since they do not require thorough excavation of the ground. They also do not require any planning permissions, which may also take days to acquire. Even the maintenance of these systems can be done easily by cleaning their components regularly.

4. Multiple Functions

One more notable pro of air-sourced heat pump systems is they can carry out multiple functions. Air-sourced heat pump systems are not only effective in heating the space of a property, but they can also generate hot water. Both air and water can be too cold as the outdoor temperatures drop. But by installing air-sourced heat pump systems, property owners can make their surroundings warmer. They can also utilise hot water for their needs.

To gain access to air-sourced heat pump systems, feel free to contact us at Oregan Air Conditioning. We offer Sanden Eco Hot Water Heat Pump Systems that can save you up to 78% of energy costs yearly. They work by absorbing heat from the air and transferring it to generate hot water in your property.

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