6 Helpful Tips on Installing Split Air Conditioners

11 March 2021

To date, there are many types of air conditioners that property owners can choose from. One popular type of air conditioners that a lot of properties have today is split air conditioners.

Split air conditioners are comprised of two units, while other types only have one. The outdoor unit of split air conditioners has the compressor, condenser coil, and expansion coil. Its indoor unit, alternatively, has a cooling coil, blower, and an air filter. And to effectively maximise the functions of these units, they must be installed and mounted properly. Some tips on installing split air conditioners are as follows:

Inspect the Wall Strength

When installing the indoor unit of your split air conditioner, you must first assess and check the strength of the wall. The wall where your indoor unit will be mounted must be durable enough to withstand its weight. Failure to check the wall strength can be dangerous for your unit as it may suddenly fall during operations, subjecting it to damages that can be costly to repair.

Provide Space and Height

Another tip that can help you ensure the proper installation of the indoor unit is to maintain its space and height. There must be proper spacing between the wall and the indoor unit so that the latter can acquire proper airflow. The surrounding space of the indoor unit must be at least 15 cm from the wall. As for its height, the indoor unit must be at least 7 to 8 feet above the ground to effectively cool a room or space.

Maintain the Correct Tilt

The indoor unit of your split air conditioner is often mounted on an aluminium bracket that is attached to the wall. To allow the condensed water of the indoor unit to flow freely from the drainpipe, the bracket must be given a slight correct tilt angle.

Look for the Perfect Spot

As for the outdoor unit, you must find a location where it will be protected from direct sunlight and water since these elements can easily damage the unit. Another consideration when looking for the perfect spot is the available space. The outdoor unit must be installed in an open space so that the heat from its condenser can be dissipated freely.

Install on the Right Surface

Another tip that you must consider when installing the outdoor unit is that it must be installed on the right surface. The surface of the outdoor unit must be flat and rigid to effectively support the operations of its components. A surface that is unstable and not flat might vibrate excessively, which could subsequently damage the copper pipes, compressor, and condenser and cause leaks on the coolant.

Find a Suitable Distance

The constant movement of the coolant between the indoor and the outdoor units of your air conditioner can lose some of its cooling effects. So, to minimise the loss of cooling, you must ensure that the distance of both units will be minimised. The maximum distance that the units can go would be around 15 metres.

For more tips on the installation of split air conditioners, feel free to call us at Oregan Air Conditioning.


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