6 Most Common Air Conditioning Mistakes that You Should Always Avoid

25 June 2021

Properties can attain a comfortable ambience and atmosphere if they feature fully functional air conditioning units. Air conditioning units are appliances that can decrease the temperature of the rooms and spaces to a cosy level. They can likewise maintain fresh air, especially if they are equipped with effective filtration systems and components.

But the efficiency and functionality of air conditioning units can be affected drastically once property owners commit installation and operation mistakes. Here are some of the most common air conditioning mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Setting the Thermostats Too Low

One mistake that you should always avoid with your air conditioning unit is to set the thermostat too low. Many people believe that lowering the temperature of their air conditioning units can cool down the room or area faster. Unfortunately, this act would only generate too much energy and force the units to work excessively. Failure to normalise the thermostat level would ultimately cause some system issues.

  1. Leaving the Filter Dirty and Filthy

The filter components of your air conditioning unit can effectively remove dust, allergens, and other harmful particles from the air. But as time passes by, they must be cleaned or even replaced as these particles can accumulate and infiltrate other unit components. If possible, you must replace your filter once a month to avoid messing up the air quality of your property.

  1. Disregarding the Drain Condition

Aside from the filter components, another component that must be checked all the time is the drain. Drain components are often utilised to collect condensation and deter moisture from causing performance issues. Without checking the condition of the drains, they might start to clog, which can then cause overflowing issues that can damage not only the air conditioning unit but also the property.

  1. Blocking the Air Vents Entirely

Another mistake that you should certainly avoid is blocking or closing the air vents. Some people tend to close the air vents to unused rooms. Doing this may seem to be beneficial for the system. But in reality, it would cause some strain on the unit, especially when it comes to energy consumption. Blocking the air vents can likewise generate performance issues over the air conditioning units.

  1. Skipping Maintenance Activities

Air conditioning units are recommended to be assessed, cleaned, and maintained regularly. The assessment of these units allows professionals to determine if they already have some problems or issues. Skipping this process would only cause some more troubles to the units. Worse, it may lead to damaged air conditioning units, which can be costly to repair and replace.

  1. Hiring Inexperienced Contractor

Sometimes, air conditioning units have issues that require the help of professional contractors. However, not all of them are already experienced enough to resolve them. One mistake that you should avoid is hiring a contractor that lacks adequate knowledge and experience about air conditioning unit repairs. You must likewise avoid hiring one just because their services are cheaper than the others.

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