All the Features You Can Utilise from MyAir by Advantage Air

07 March 2023

Making one’s home comfortable and welcoming is one of the few goals homeowners must guarantee during the design and building phase of their respective properties. Once done, their rooms and spaces should be equipped with appliances that would provide occupants with a wonderful ambience and surroundings.

One way to make residential properties cosy is by adding air conditioners. These lovely appliances can remove latent air from indoors and release cool, fresh air into a specific room.

But most home properties boast multiple rooms and spaces that require cooling. Fortunately, homeowners like you can take advantage of zoning through MyAir from Advantage Air.

Primary Principles and Benefits of Zoning

Before knowing about MyAir from Advantage Air, you must know zoning first. Zoning is the process of dividing home areas into zones. Once divided, the rooms and spaces inside one’s house can be cooled or heated independently and separately. A control system, like MyAir, would then be used to regulate the temperature of the house.

One perk of zoning is it can significantly reduce energy consumption. The lack of zoning often forces air conditioning systems to provide similar air temperatures to various rooms and spaces. And even though specific areas of the house are not used at the moment, they would still receive cold or hot air, which can be wasteful in terms of energy use.

Additionally, zoning can help increase the longevity of air conditioning systems since they only operate based on the needs of the house occupants.

Key Controls of MyAir from Advantage Air

MyAir from Advantage Air is a zoning control system that lets you regulate up to 10 zones in your property. By adding this system, you can control your home conveniently anywhere. You can even use the tablet dedicated to the zoning system to stay in touch with your loved ones, play music, watch videos, or search for a recipe.

The tablet used for this system is simple and intuitive to use. Once you tap on Monitors, you can easily run tasks when specific weather events occur in your place. The events you can monitor through this system are suburb temperatures and clear or sunny weather forecasts. You can also use the Monitors tab for the system to send a notification to your smartphone whenever an event occurs. Up to 20 monitors can be set on each unit.

The Zones tab, alternatively, lets you see the current setting for your zones. The airflow to your rooms can be set up through this tab.

MyAir from Advantage Air Basic Features

Tons of features can be maximised with MyAir from Advantage Air. One of the features you can maximise with this zoning system is a centralised control system. The control system, which takes advantage of a Home Hub Smart Tablet, lets you control the temperature of each room with a few taps. You can even use this tablet as an Android home hub. This zoning system also lets you regulate up to 4 different air conditioning units. It even supports major brands of air conditioning units. These brands include Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, and Samsung.

MyAir from Advantage Air is likewise Australian-made. Hence, you can expect it to be effective against harsh Australian weather conditions. You also have the comfort of a 10-year warranty on the mechanical components and ducting, and 5 years on the electronics used to build the zoning system. The Exact Air Regulator, which is Advantage Air’s proprietary airflow control system, provides you with smoother, quieter, and more even airflow to your property.

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