Basic Air Conditioning System Operations to Keep Your Home Comfortably Cool and Fresh

08 July 2021

Air conditioning systems are designed to cool rooms and spaces in just a short time, granting people inside these places a more comfortable way of living and conducting their respective activities.

However, these systems can sometimes work ineffectively. They might even break down and fail if they are not used properly or maintained regularly. And without proper upkeep, air conditioning systems can likewise consume more energy than what they are supposed to utilise since they are forced to provide cool air despite operating in an unregulated environment.

Fortunately, there are basic operation changes that you can do to make your air conditioning system perform well. Some of these changes are as follows:

Sustain Stable Temperature

Even though your cooling system can produce significantly low temperatures, it must still be set at a specific range of temperature to make it efficient. Keeping your air conditioning system’s operation at the lowest temperature, after all, forces it to consume tons of energy and work extraneously. The best way to make your home cool without straining the service life of your system is to keep its temperature between 18°C to 21°C. These temperatures are believed to be already refreshing to most people.

Veer Away from Auto Mode

Somehow related to the previous change, another great tip that you can do to maintain the coolness of your home is to veer away from auto mode. A room or space that is extremely cold, instead of just being cool, does not do great with human bodies. And as you and your family are continuously exposed to low temperatures, some of you might start to shiver, experience fatigue, and breathe very slowly. Avoiding auto mode can prevent any fluctuation in temperatures, help set your system’s temperature to the recommended figures earlier, and avoid any harmful changes to one’s body.

Keep Your Filters Clean

Aside from achieving coolness, you must also have to obtain some fresh air inside your property. For you to obtain this, you must keep your filters clean. Regularly, you must clean your filters every two weeks. If it is not possible, then you may want to clean them at least once a month. When cleaning your filters, you must switch off your system first, remove the filters, and then wash them with soapy water. Make sure that you let them dry completely before placing them again in your system.

Dehumidify Your Property

One element that can make your property hot is the existence of a high humidity level. The addition of humidity in the atmosphere can easily make your rooms and spaces difficult to cool despite having an effective air conditioning system. To resolve this issue, you may want to use the dehumidifying mode of your cooling system. Alternatively, you can try to temporarily open your doors and windows before using your system, remove indoor plants, and fix some leaks on your pipes.

For more effective ways on how to make your home cool with an air conditioning system, do not hesitate to call us at Oregan Air Conditioning.

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