Common Types of Air Conditioning Noise and What Needs to Be Done

28 March 2022

Home properties rely on air conditioning units to make their rooms and spaces cosy for occupants. Without these cooling units, people inside these properties may feel uncomfortable, especially during hot days. They may also feel more stressed, affecting the dynamics among family members.

An air conditioning unit utilises mechanical components to provide the needed low temperatures of a property. And since these components move during operations, you and other household members can hear the operating sound of this specific appliance. However, if the sound from your air conditioning unit has become loud and disruptive, you may have to check it and conduct some maintenance tasks.

Some of the common types of air conditioning noise are as follows:

Humming Noise

One air conditioning noise that you may notice is the humming noise. A humming noise may exist on your air conditioning unit if it has a faulty contactor relay switch. Normally, this component is intended to start the condenser unit whenever it obtains a signal from the thermostat. Without fixing this component, it would hinder you from turning on the air conditioning unit successfully. Worse, it may lead to severe air conditioning unit damages. You should have this component fixed right away to eradicate humming noise.

Buzzing Noise

Another type of noise that your air conditioning unit may produce is buzzing noise. The buzzing noise that comes from your unit may be caused by loose fan blades, damaged outdoor fan motor, and dirty condenser coils. It may also be generated due to an obstruction near the copper lines as well as a refrigerant leak. All these issues can be dangerous to your unit in the long run. Hence, you must hire a licensed technician so they can resolve these problems immediately.

Banging Noise

An air conditioning unit that emits banging noises can be troublesome since it normally signifies a huge problem with its compressor. The compressor of your unit distributes refrigerant all over the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Now, if the components of the compressor have become loose, you can expect them to rattle as they hit the framing. Attempting to disassemble the compressor can be difficult, which is why you must call for assistance to eradicate this issue.

Screeching Noise

One common noise issue that you may notice with the air conditioning unit is screeching noise. Screeching noises may occur on your air conditioning unit once its fan motor in the outdoor condenser unit malfunctions. These noises may likewise occur due to a damaged motor in the compressor, faulty blower fan, and damaged bearings. Once you hear some screeching sounds on your air conditioning unit, you must turn it off right away and call a reputable technician.

Hissing Noise

One more air conditioning unit noise that you may hear is a hissing noise. An air conditioning unit that emits hissing noises may mean that it has attained leakage on the air duct. Hissing noises may also come from a faulty expansion valve or an incompatible air filter. The occurrence of hissing noises on your air conditioning unit can be alarming. Therefore, you should call a professional technician so they can inspect your air conditioning unit and resolve its issues right away.

To know more about air conditioning unit noises, you can call us at Oregan Air Conditioning.

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