Daikin’s Premium Inverter Core Features and Benefits

11 October 2021

One technological feat that is being utilised by select appliances today is inverter technology. The inverter technology is designed to regulate the speed of the compressor motor so that necessary adjustments to the temperature can be made. Once integrated into the air conditioning units, users can expect a significant drop in terms of their energy expenses.

What is different about air conditioning units that maximise inverter technology is they smartly complement the temperature of the surroundings. So, if a specific room is already cold, then the air conditioning unit’s compressor motor will just slow down and draw less energy.

Daikin Industries, Ltd, a company that manufactures air conditioning units, is known for generating and distributing inverter air conditioning units all around the world. And one of the products that the company is best known for is the Daikin Premium Inverter system.

Features of Daikin Premium Inverter System

Air conditioning units that maximise Daikin Premium Inverter systems have unique features that cannot be attained by those utilising Standard Inverter systems.

With Daikin Premium Inverter systems, air conditioning units are expected to be 10% more powerful than those that maximise the other system. Additionally, the piping on the premium one is longer by at least 75 metres, allowing users to be more flexible in terms of positioning the outdoor units of their air conditioner. Daikin Premium Inverter systems can also provide precise temperature control, quiet operations for both indoor and outdoor units, and minimised energy consumption and expenses.

Ducted and split air conditioning units can significantly benefit from Daikin Premium Inverter systems.

Daikin Premium Inverter System Advantages

If you will be utilising an air conditioning unit that is equipped with a Daikin Premium Inverter system, then you can easily gain a lot of advantages.

For one, you can expect your air conditioning unit to last for a long time and withstand harsh local weather conditions since it is specifically designed and manufactured here in Australia. Additionally, your air conditioning unit can grant you significant energy savings due to the presence of the special inverter from Daikin as well as improved DC fan motor, cross-pass heat exchanger, and outdoor coil.

Utilising a Daikin air conditioning unit also helps your property to be quiet since it can adjust its operating noise levels based on the time of the day. Other notable advantages of Daikin products include versatile fan speed settings, wide capacity limit, and R22 retrofit capability.

Buy Premium Daikin Air Conditioner Today

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