Experience the Advantages of a Smart Home with MyPlace Installation

27 April 2022

Different technological advancements have been and are being made by various industries today. And one thing that makes these advancements great is they benefit not only business owners but also individuals who are residing inside their homes.

These advancements, after all, tackle all the needs of business owners and individuals alike. Automation, for instance, has been well-received by commercial and industrial properties since they do not need to hire a lot of employees anymore. Instead, they can spend their resources on training their existing employees on the basic operations of their upgraded systems. Automation can then simplify their operations and at the same time make everything faster and safer.

Automation can also be experienced in homes. By unifying various devices and appliances under one smart hub, homeowners like you can enjoy the wonders of technology. One home system that you can install in your home is MyPlace. With MyPlace, you can expect to gain the following advantages.

Compatibility with Existing Products

One great advantage of MyPlace is it can work effectively with any of your existing products at home. Other home systems would only work if they will be integrated with products under the same branding. MyPlace, on the other hand, can already work with any lights, fans, motorised blinds, garage doors, and others that have already been installed in your home. And if you decide to add more tools and devices, you can add more MyPlace systems on your property thanks to their modular design.

Integrated and Centralised Controls

Another advantage of MyPlace is it integrates and centralises all the controls of your connected home products. Through an Android touchscreen, you can easily gain access to the controls of your devices and appliances without any difficulties. The specific functions of your products can be conveniently altered by just a few presses. You do not even have to worry about missing the controls of your products as MyPlace is normally installed and hardwired to the wall.

Remote Option with Varying Devices

While the control of MyPlace can be effectively accessed through the hardwired Android touchscreen, some of you might require access to this control hub remotely. Fortunately, MyPlace is designed to work with smartphones and tablets, allowing these devices to serve as an alternative remote control. So, even if you are in your bedroom and you want to access controls over the lighting and air conditioning, you can easily do so by installing and opening the MyPlace app on your phone or tablet.

Designed by an Australian Company

You will never get disappointed with locally-made products as their customer support and servicing will be top-notch as opposed to those that have been imported from other countries. MyPlace is a product made by Advantage Air, which is an Australian-owned company that is committed to designing and producing products locally. From research and design down to after-sales support, you can expect your MyPlace product to be fully supported and calibrated without generating any inconveniences.

If you want to acquire a MyPlace system in your home, you can contact us at Oregan Air Conditioning.

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