Fresh Air System Installation by Oregan Air: What Benefits Can You Get?

08 September 2022

The living condition of your family inside your home can be affected by numerous factors. These factors include its overall appeal, layout, ambient noise, and air temperature. An appealing room can easily brighten up the mood of those who just got home from work or school. A home with a messy layout, alternatively, will only frustrate some family members who only want to cook and reach their needed ingredients flawlessly.

Ambient noise and air temperature can likewise affect your family in many ways. If the noise outside can easily reach the bedroom, your family might not be able to sleep soundly at night. Optimal air temperature can then save you from fatigue and stress.

But one more factor that can affect the living condition of your family inside your home is air quality. Good air quality means that the air is clear and does not contain huge amounts of chemical pollutants and solid particles. A property with good air quality means that occupants can expect lower chances of obtaining illnesses. It can also lead to fewer property damages.

The Working Principles of Fresh Air System 

One way to obtain good air quality inside your property is to install a Fresh Air System. This system normally works by drawing in fresh air from the outdoors whenever the temperature is below 22 degrees Celsius during the summer months. As the system takes in cold outside air, it can save your compressor from working for hours. Instead, it allows your air conditioning system to distribute the obtained air quietly and efficiently throughout your rooms and spaces.

Fortunately, this system can also work effectively during the winter months. On warmer winter days, the Fresh Air System function by drawing in the air with midday temperatures, which would normally be higher than the air temperatures inside your home.

Main Benefits of Installing Fresh Air System

When you install a Fresh Air System inside your property, your household can expect to receive tons of benefits that other systems cannot provide. Some of its benefits are as follows.

• Reduce Unpleasant Odours: Air conditioning and heating units can often help your property become cold or warm during varying seasons. Many of these units, however, would simply increase or decrease your indoor air temperature without removing any of the unpleasant odours inside your home. Opting for a Fresh Air System, alternatively, can reduce these odours once the fresh outdoor air circulates inside your home.

• Prevent Mould Build-up: Some air conditioning units cannot reduce the humidity levels of a property. And so, the property may expect mould formation on their walls and ceilings. The Fresh Air System, fortunately, keeps the humidity level at a normal range. The air produced by this system does not also allow moisture to serve as the breeding ground for microbes.

• Improve Respiratory Health: One more benefit of installing the Fresh Air System is it can improve the respiratory health of your family. Since it introduces fresh outside air into your property, you can expect the surroundings to be free from contaminants and pollutants. It can also boast a minimal amount of microbes, especially if the air comes through a filter.

At Oregan Air Conditioning, we can install a Fresh Air System to make your property attain good air quality. We also offer other services related to air conditioning and heating units. If you need one, you can call us at (02) 9654 0707 or email us at

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