Fresh Air System Installation: Home Ventilation and the Benefits of Adding Fresh Air System

12 October 2020

The heating or cooling of the interiors of a home is typically supplied by heaters or air conditioning units. But when it comes to the ventilation of specific rooms and areas, one great solution that can be installed by homeowners would be the fresh air system. Fresh air systems take the form of appliances that effectively ensure clean and healthy air around the home.

Adding a fresh air system inside home properties can bring a lot of benefits to homeowners, their families, and visitors. The following are some of the benefits of fresh air system installation.

Prevents Sickness

One prominent benefit of adding a fresh air system to home properties is that it can easily prevent illnesses and diseases from infecting home occupants and visitors. Without proper home ventilation, indoor air tends to be packed with pollutants and dust that can trigger asthma and other respiratory-related conditions. Moreover, the lack of proper home ventilation will likewise allow pollen to get inside and cause family members to possess hay fever symptoms. With a fresh air system installation, these harmful elements will be released outside, which then prevents families from obtaining illnesses or diseases.

Lessens Condensation

Aside from the health of home occupants, another element that may be affected by poor home ventilation would be the structural integrity and overall condition of the property. The continuous anomalies on the moisture level of the indoor air can easily attract and allow mould to grow and disperse quickly to certain parts of the house. The continuous build-up of mould can affect the health of occupants, particularly their respiratory system. However, it can likewise damage the property as they break down wood components. By installing a fresh air system, it can effectively reduce condensation and cuts off mould development.

Reduces Compounds

Another outstanding benefit of fresh air system installation is that it can easily reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) inside home properties. VOCs are gases that can cause some short- or long-term adverse health effects. These compounds typically come from different household products such as air fresheners, cosmetics, and cleaning solutions. While the consumption of some of these products can be reduced manually, others might be totally required for personal reasons. But with the installation of a fresh air system, it can easily remove and eradicate VOCs that are present inside home properties.

Keeps Indoor Air Fresh

Fresh air systems basically function by keeping the indoor air quality relaxing and pleasant. And since most impurities and harmful elements are removed from home properties, fresh air systems can surely improve home ventilation as well as its overall temperatures. Aside from removing allergens, pollutants, and other impurities, these systems are also capable of removing any build-up of stale, musty, or bad odours. The absence of these elements can effectively keep rooms fresh and free from damages and contagious illnesses. Optimal temperatures are also maintained with great home ventilation.

With fresh air system installation, homeowners can easily expect an improvement over their health and wellbeing as well as the condition of their properties. To know more about fresh air system installation, just give us a call at Oregan Air Conditioning.


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