Hot Water System Performance and Energy Efficiency

09 November 2020

More and more home properties in the country are now maximising the features and capabilities of hot water systems. And since the needs of each property differ from one another, the options available for these systems are also abundant. Some hot water systems can instantly provide hot water without utilising any storage tank, while others have tanks that can store hot water for daily consumption. Hot water systems can also run on electric, gas, or any other energy source.

System Performance and Efficiency of Hot Water Systems

Generally, hot water systems have been integral to properties as they conserve two vital elements: water and energy. Water conservation is normally done by these systems by heating the water almost spontaneously, eliminating the need to process the water for a specific time before it reaches the desired temperature. And with tankless units, this water conservation benefit is even amplified significantly.

Aside from conserving water, hot water systems can also contribute to energy conservation. Most models of hot water systems today are designed to be highly efficient when it comes to energy consumption. Even the choices for the main energy source are becoming abundant with modern hot water systems. The only time these systems would consume energy is when you need to use some water.

The water and energy conservation of hot water systems is all paired with their ability to provide and meet the needed water of a property. Most hot water systems today can easily provide hot water for morning or evening showers and household chores without wasting a lot of time, energy, and money.

Opting for Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System

One type of hot water system that works differently from other water heaters is the hot water heat pump. Instead of generating heat directly to the water, this type of hot water system works by moving heat from one place to another. The working principles of hot water heat pump systems allow them to save even more money and energy compared to others.

When it comes to hot water heat pump systems, the Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System can easily showcase the general benefits of hot water systems as well as the added advantages of hot water heat pumps. This specific product works by absorbing heat from the air and transfers it to the water for the heating process. The general heating process of this product allows it to save up to 78% of energy costs every year as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Some more features and benefits of Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System are the following:

  • Only 22% of the energy required by other hot water systems is utilised by this product.
  • The innovative technology behind this product can make heat recovery faster by up to 50%. So, in ambient air of 20 degrees, it would only take 4 hours just to heat 315 litres of water.
  • The Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System runs quietly, has a 3-year warranty, and is suitable with off-peak electricity for more savings.
  • This hot water heat pump system is recognised as a part of eco-friendly products, allowing its users to be eligible for rebates and other government incentives.

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