How Split System Air Conditioners Work

26 November 2020

For a lot of property owners, they would maximise window-type air conditioners to cool their rooms. Other owners, alternatively, lean towards central air conditioners since they do not need holes on the wall.

One type of central air conditioners that are being used by property owners today is split system air conditioners. These air conditioners integrate evaporator, condenser, and compressor into one unit that can be normally installed outdoors, while the remaining parts are integrated inside a room or space.

Working Principles of Split System Air Conditioners

The working principles of split system air conditioners are closely similar to other air conditioners. They start by feeding gas into the compressor so that it can be pressured. And as this process continues, the heat from the gas rises and leaves. The pressurised gas subsequently travels through different tubes that will condense it and shift its state into liquid.

The newly converted pressured liquid then travels towards the condenser tubes until it finally reaches the expansion joint to become gas again. As the expansion joint reduces the pressure of the gas, the heat from it is reduced significantly, allowing it to become much cooler compared before. This makes the newly processed gas to become refrigerant. The same gas undergoes the same cycle throughout the operations of the split system air conditioners.

As for the air inside a room or space, the air conditioner obtains the air from the room and transfers it over the evaporator coils. Once the air passes over the evaporator coils, its temperature will decrease significantly before transferring it back into the room through the blower. The process of air circulating from the room to the air conditioner continues until the temperature set by the thermostat is met.

Benefits of Using Split System Air Conditioners

One of the most notable benefits of split system air conditioners is that they do not require additional construction works just for them to get installed. Other air conditioners require holes in the walls that can be costly to service. Split system air conditioners, on the other hand, have outdoor and indoor units that are connected through tubes and can be installed conveniently without hiring construction works. Their compressor, vent fan, and condenser coils are all integrated into one self-contained unit and are installed outdoors. Their evaporator coils and blower are then installed inside the property.

Another great thing about split system air conditioners is that they can be more effective than other types of air conditioners. Some models of split system air conditioners can obtain a huge compressor that allows them to cool a much larger space. The same compressor can even be attached to multiple ductless units. Split system air conditioners are also more efficient when it comes to overall electrical usage and power consumption since they can start up and shut down more easily and conveniently.

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