Ideal Location of Indoor and Outdoor Units of Your Split System Air Conditioner

08 March 2022

More and more homeowners today maximise split system air conditioners in cooling their properties due to numerous reasons.

For one, split system air conditioners can operate quietly. Since they are divided into two units, the operational sound of these air conditioners is expected to reduce significantly. Split system air conditioners are likewise easier to install. Unlike other air conditioners, split system air conditioners do not require huge openings on the wall to install them. All they need is the right type of mounting brackets. Split system air conditioners are also energy-efficient, appealing, and packed with smart features.

But to make them effective, their indoor and outdoor units must be installed in the right locations. Failure to install them appropriately will only make them inefficient.

Indoor Unit Installation

If you are thinking of switching to a split system air conditioner, you must know the best installation areas for your indoor and outdoor units. While this type of air conditioner is often installed by professionals, you still have to know these things so you can check if they have installed them correctly or not.

The indoor unit of your split system air conditioner, as its name implies, is installed inside your property. It can be mounted on the wall, stand on the floor, or mounted on your ceiling. This unit is intended to take in the warm air from your property, process it to become cooler, and send it back to your rooms and spaces. Some parts that are included in your indoor unit are air filters, air return, fan, condensation drain, evaporator coils, and expansion valve.

When installing your indoor unit, it must be situated on an exterior wall so that it can be closer to the outdoor unit. It must also be close to the ceiling so that it can possess enough clearance on each of its sides. Ultimately, the indoor unit must be in the middle of a space or room to effectively cover everything.

Outdoor Unit Installation

The outdoor unit of your split system air conditioner, alternatively, is designed to disperse the heat that is obtained from the property. It is comprised of the compressor, condenser coils, and a fan. Most of the noise that is often generated by conventional air conditioners comes from the outdoor unit components.

When installing the outdoor unit of your split system air conditioner, it must be located in a shaded area, ensuring that the sunlight does not damage its components. The outdoor unit must likewise be in a well-ventilated area. Enough clearances must be present so that the outdoor unit can perform optimally. Also, it must be installed against a wall or a concrete slab to prevent its components from vibrating and becoming too loose. Lastly, the outdoor unit must be far from trees or shrubs. Doing this can prevent leaves and other debris from falling and blocking the outdoor unit.

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