Improve the Cooling Efficiency of Your Home by Adding a Zoning System

07 February 2023

Houses today will not be complete if they do not maximise air conditioning units. As the season changes, the outdoor temperature also alters significantly. Once the outdoor temperature increases, home properties have to then use these units to make their rooms cooler.

With cooler living spaces, families and other occupants or even visitors may feel comfortable carrying out their daily activities or chores. They can also sleep soundly and relax optimally, which then improves their overall body health. But one thing about air conditioning units that property owners like you must know is they tend to consume a lot of energy.

This fact can be true for air conditioning units that do not come with an inverter. But even with the inverter, energy may still be consumed hugely if they continue cooling rooms and spaces even without anyone using these places.

A Zoning System Can Minimise Energy Use

As a solution, homeowners like you should invest in a zoning system. A zoning system is a cooling system that often takes advantage of dampers in the ductwork to regulate air temperatures inside one’s home. The dampers can create custom temperature zones throughout your property, ensuring that cold air will only reach spaces that need it. Aside from cooling, a zoning system can also help heat areas whenever necessary.

The effectiveness of this system can only be achieved if it will be installed by professionals. Some parts of this system professionals have to install are dampers and thermostats. They are normally installed in various rooms or zones of the house. The whole system is then wired into a central control panel, which can help sequence thermostat calls with the zone dampers located in the ducts and the cooling and heating units.

Users can control the functionality of the zoning system. Through a control panel that can already come in tablet form, you and your family can control the temperatures of each home zone. You can also check the condition of your rooms and space as well as set the cooling timer of each area in your beloved home property.

Main Benefits of Installing a Zoning System

Many benefits can be attained once you install a zoning system in your home.

One, a zoning system can provide optimal airflow throughout your home. As mentioned earlier, it maximises dampers to direct the air to various locations on your property. Once set, the zoning system will only send the cold or warm air to areas where it is needed most. This functionality allows the cooling and heating units to save energy and money as they do not have to process cold or warm air and transport it to your entire home.

Another benefit of installing a zoning system is it can vary the temperature of your home. Some family members may want their rooms to be cold. Others, alternatively, want their spaces to be much warmer than others. The installation of a zoning system lets you vary the temperatures of your rooms without the added expense of installing multiple cooling or heating units.

A zoning system can definitely improve your home’s cooling efficiency. If you want one, you must contact us at Oregan Air Conditioning today.

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