Is Your Noisy Air Conditioning System Driving You Mad?

21 October 2020

Air conditioning systems are designed to provide the needed cool or even cold air inside certain rooms or areas of properties. Residential, commercial, and industrial buildings have been long utilising this specific function of the said system. Without air conditioning systems, it would be difficult for these properties to withstand the heat from outside, especially during hot days.

If you own an air conditioning system, then you most probably know how to keep its operations at an optimal level. However, even if you have used and maintained it properly, there is still a huge chance that the system might suddenly become noisy. The noise may sometimes disappear. However, if your system constantly produces irritating sound or noise, then it will surely annoy and drive you mad.

To help you get rid of the noise, here are some of the most common noises that an air conditioning system may produce, their possible sources, and their accompanying fixes or solutions.

Constant Operating Sound

Your air conditioning system will normally produce an occasional humming operating sound whenever it is turned on since its components must do their intended functions. However, if your system still produces this sound during its entire operations, then there might be some issues with your internal components. The presence of this sound may typically mean three things: your components have already deteriorated in quality, some components are already clogged or are dirty, or your system is now closer to breaking down entirely. These problems easily call for quick repair and maintenance from a professional.

Loud System Operating Noise

Quite opposite to the situation before, an air conditioning system that releases a loud operating noise means that it is not the right choice for you. Air conditioning systems tend to produce a loud noise whenever they are trying to meet the cooling demands of a specific room. And so, if a system is placed on an area that is too large for it, then its components will run fully and attempt to maximise the capabilities of the whole system just to provide the needed temperatures. Alternatively, systems that do not have noise reduction technology will surely operate loudly. One great solution to loud system noise is to design and install ductwork that can regulate air and noise.

Unusual Screeching Sound

An air conditioning system that emits screeching, whistling, and whining sound is known to come from unusual airflow and air pressure issues over its components. This type of noise can be horrifying at times, especially for those who can get scared easily. Additionally, these noises can be distracting in an environment that is intended to be quiet and peaceful. Components that must be checked whenever this specific sound occurs are filters, ducts, ventilation design or framework, and the fan motor. Maintaining the conditions of these components allows you to fix and eliminate these strange noises.

Other types of noises that you might hear from your air conditioning system are rattling, shaking, squeaking, and squealing noises. These noises are still caused by the components that may already be failing and require some repairs. If you want to get rid of your noisy air conditioning system, then contact us now at Oregan Air Conditioning so we can service your system.


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