Maximising the Performance and Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning System

10 May 2021

Homeowners typically maximise air conditioning systems in cooling their rooms and living areas. Without these systems, the overall temperature of their properties will remain high throughout the day. It would also be difficult for these properties to achieve temperatures that would allow their family members to keep calm and stay relaxed. Sleeping at night can also be difficult without this system.

Fortunately, air conditioning systems are now prevalent these days. And for this fact alone, many systems are now being offered at low prices, granting property owners access to these wonderful cooling units. But to fully utilise these systems, property owners like you should do some things that will help boost their overall performance and efficiency. Some of these things are as follows:

Clean the Condenser Unit

If you are using a split air conditioning system in your home, then your condenser unit will be located outside. And since this specific location is often bombarded with elements, your condenser unit should be cleaned regularly. Debris and other elements that will accumulate on and around the condenser unit must be removed to ensure that it can take out the heat that comes from your property.

Keep the Vents Clear

Vents are supply and return air sources that are often connected to the air conditioning system. They can also maintain the air pressure and airflow of your property as well as filter out debris. Over time, these vents may be infiltrated with dust, pet hair, and other types of debris that must be removed right away. To make sure your air conditioning system can work effectively, you must remove any debris that is present on your vents. Anything that blocks the vents must also be relocated to another place.

Clear the AC Drain Line

The drain line of your air conditioning system is intended to remove any condensed water from other parts of the system. If this specific line gets clogged, the water will have nowhere else to go. As a result, the water will only evaporate back into your home, increasing the humidity levels of your property. To avoid this from happening, you must clear the drain line by pouring one cup of chlorine bleach into the drain line and rinsing it with water. Mulch and dirt must be removed to optimise your entire system.

Install a Zoning System

The performance of your air conditioning system can be enhanced if the cool air is being utilised fully. If a room is being cooled even without anyone in there, then the system only wastes energy and money. To avoid any wasteful spending, you may want to install an effective zoning system for your home. This specific system allows you to control the distribution of cool air by dividing each area and room of your home. With this system, the cool air will only be present in rooms and areas that are being used.

Doing these things can help you utilise the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning system. To learn more about these helpful tips, feel free to contact us at Oregan Air Conditioning Service.


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