Most Common Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

28 January 2021

Air conditioners can provide comfort to properties as they let clean cool air enter different rooms and spaces. They can also help maintain the right level of moisture and air quality. Given these functionalities, property owners must inspect and maintain them regularly as instructed by their manufacturers.

But despite regular inspections and maintenance, air conditioners can still encounter some problems and issues due to different surrounding elements. The fluctuating temperature outside the property may severely affect the way they function and operate. The presence of some objects near the air conditioner may also cause some problems due to blockage of airflow and others. While a lot of issues can be resolved easily, some air conditioner problems would truly require professional help.

Here are some of the most common signs that tell you to have your air conditioner serviced.

Absence of Cool Air

Air conditioners are designed to provide cool air to properties. However, if their vents blow out warm air instead of cool ones, then you must have it serviced right away. One possible reason behind the absence of cool air is having a damaged compressor. If the refrigerant level of the air conditioner becomes too low, then it would also result in the blowing out of warm air. These elements must be checked and remedied by professionals to avoid causing more problems and issues.

Insufficient Airflow

Aside from providing cool air, air conditioners are also intended to effectively circulate air throughout a specific property. But if your air conditioner does not circulate the air properly anymore, then it must be checked by professionals immediately. An air conditioner that has insufficient or limited airflow may already have a clogged air filter, a broken motor, or a faulty compressor. A clogged vent and ductwork can also cause issues with the airflow.

Unusual Leak Issues

Air conditioners have refrigerant to ensure that they can provide cool air to a property. But if the refrigerant starts to leak out of the air conditioner, then it must be resolved as soon as possible since it can be very harmful to all the occupants of the property. Aside from refrigerant leaks, servicing must also be done with air conditioners that have water leaks. These types of leaks may be caused by a clogged drain tube. Other components of the unit may have also obtained damages, which would require repairs.

Bizarre Odour or Noise

Two elements that can signify the presence of air conditioner issues is odour and noise. If the air conditioner starts to emit bad odours, then it might have some problems with its internal components. The unit components may already have burnt wire insulation or mould growth. Alternatively, if the unit starts to produce random noises, then there might be some components that need to be repaired and serviced. Loose components must be repaired right away to avoid causing some more issues.

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