Primary Benefits and Features of Daikin Ducted Systems

09 February 2022

Air conditioning systems have been pivotal to the living or working conditions of properties as they can regulate the temperatures of the surroundings

Daikin, a popular manufacturer of air conditioning systems, offers different types of these systems to consumers. One of their most popular lines of air conditioning systems is the ducted system. Ducted systems are central air conditioning units that can provide uniform temperatures across all rooms in a property. They send air to the ducts from one central location so they can either heat or cool the rooms. Ducted systems are great for both uniform and large open environments.

If you are thinking of buying Daikin ducted systems, you may want to know their primary benefits and features first. Some of them are as follows:

Regulate Energy Use

One of the benefits of using Daikin ducted systems is they can regulate energy use. One feature that supports this specific benefit is their inverter operation. Daikin ducted systems have an inverter system that can increase or decrease the power just to maintain your set temperatures. Their automatic mode changeover, additionally, helps select the mode suitable for the thermostat settings and existing room temperature. Other features that make Daikin ducted system energy-efficient are predicted mean vote control, temperature limit operations, and home leave function.

Automate Functions

Another benefit of using Daikin ducted systems is they can automate functions. Through their auto-restart after power failure feature, Daikin ducted systems can easily save the settings previously set for airflow, temperature, mode, and others and restore them once the power has come back. They can likewise provide easy fault diagnosis and maintenance as malfunction codes can be readily shown on their digital display. They also maximise intelligent defrost functionality, which allows them to commence a defrost operation once their system parameters and temperatures require them to do so.

Enhance Comfort

Comfort control is another benefit of Daikin ducted systems that can benefit properties. With their night quiet mode, you can expect your living or working environments to be really quiet. Comfort is likewise enhanced by Daikin ducted systems thanks to their program dry mode. This mode allows the systems to reduce the level of humidity in the room, making the environments easier to live or work with. The quick cool/heat–powerful mode is likewise present with Daikin ducted systems, which aims to temporarily increase power to reach the desired temperature faster before returning to normal operation.

Program Operations

One more benefit of Daikin ducted systems is they can program key operations of their components. Daikin ducted systems, for instance, have a 24-hour on/off timer so that they can be turned on and off at any pre-set time. These systems also maximise night set mode, which is set to slowly adjust the pre-set cooling and heating levels of their components so that sudden temperature changes will be prevented. Ultimately, Daikin ducted systems have a seven-day time clock so that you can turn them on or off at specific times every day of a week.

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