Primary Features of Daikin Premium Inverter Ducted Air Conditioner

23 March 2023

Buildings can only remain cool during warm days and hot seasons once they are equipped with air conditioning units. These units primarily function by sending air-conditioned air to the rooms and spaces of properties. They can then remove latent heat by sending them outdoors.

The differences among air conditioning units start with the way they are built and designed. Some air conditioning units can boast a straightforward appeal, with the whole system being installed through a large hole in the wall. Others, however, are separated into two units so that properties can become quieter and more energy efficient. The addition of elements can also make air conditioning units different from each other.

One source of air conditioners that property owners like you can maximise may come from Daikin Industries, a multinational air conditioning manufacturing company that operates globally.

The Significance of Using Daikin Products

Daikin has been around for years. And through its experience in manufacturing various air conditioning units for various countries like Japan, China, Australia, and the United States, the company can conveniently offer consumers products they can surely enjoy.

Choosing Daikin over other makers of air conditioning units can be a good decision for you since they have been providing products that are energy-efficient, clean, and comfortable. They also have over 450 strong dealer networks, allowing property owners to have their units assessed, installed, and maintained without any difficulties. Quality after-sales support is even present to ensure that your Daikin units can run smoothly over the next few years.

Here in Australia, Daikin products can be good for you and other property owners since they are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice program, which makes their products an excellent choice for people with health issues.

Premium Inverter Ducted Air Conditioners

One of the offerings of Daikin that you can utilise is the premium inverter ducted air conditioner.

This air conditioner has been designed and engineered to provide remarkable energy performance, R22 retrofit capability, and design flexibility. It is often available in reverse cycle (heating and cooling) and has capacities of 7.1kW to 24.0kW. These configurations and general features make the air conditioner a great choice for those who want superior comfort on their respective properties, specifically in residential buildings.

The premium inverter ducted air conditioner from Daikin works with the help of ductwork. As the ductwork runs from the fan coil unit to the outlets in spaces, this air conditioning unit can surely grant the property with its needed cooled air. This Daikin offering likewise has a redesigned cross-pass heat exchanger, DC fan motor, and improved refrigerant, making its operation as energy efficient as possible.

Daikin premium inverter ducted air conditioners can likewise provide Night Quiet Mode, a mode that can reduce the noise levels outside during sleeping hours. They then resume normal system operations in the morning. Other features of these air conditioners include heating focus availability and R22 retrofit capability. The air conditioners from Daikin here in Australia are all produced and distributed locally, making sure they can work with the local climate.

If you need help with the acquisition and installation of a Daikin premium inverter ducted air conditioner, you can contact us at Oregan Air Conditioning.

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