Split System Air Conditioning System: Why Choose Daikin Brand?

07 September 2020

Air conditioning systems are essential to a lot of properties as they provide the needed cool temperatures around certain areas or rooms. To date, there are numerous types of these systems that can be utilised by property owners. For one, window type air conditioning systems normally require a hole on the wall for them to fit in. Portable ones, on the other hand, can be placed anywhere.

A split type air conditioning system is another type of air conditioning system that can be installed and used by property owners. This system can primarily cool a huge space without the need to create a hole or spend too much on utility costs.

Essential Features of Split Systems

Split type air conditioning systems boast several features that can be very useful for households. One of these benefits is its quiet operations. Split type systems do not produce loud humming sound as their compressor is situated outside the property, which can be perfect for spaces that want peace and silence.

Another great feature of using split type air conditioning systems is their low operating costs. The components found inside the split type air conditioning systems can easily regulate the temperature and, at the same time, efficiently control the speed of the compressor motor. Additionally, this system does not need ductwork, which can easily prevent the loss of energy within the area.

Control options can also be abundant with split type air conditioning systems. Most of these systems have a climate control option that can easily benefit rooms and spaces, no matter what the outdoor temperature is. Aside from this feature, some of these air conditioning systems are equipped with motion sensors and air ionizers to increase efficiency and improve air quality, respectively.

And as for their installation, split type air conditioning systems do not have to rely on a huge hole on the wall for them to be mounted properly. They do not even have to be connected to ductwork just for them to work optimally. The only holes needed for this type of air conditioning units are for the placement of their copper tubes and wirings.

Choosing Daikin Over Other Brands

One brand that can provide the best split type air conditioning systems to consumers is Daikin. Daikin is a multinational air conditioning manufacturing company that is headquartered in Japan but can also be found in multiple locations all over the world.

Choosing Daikin over other brands guarantee you safe and eco-friendly air conditioning systems through its very own refrigerant, R-32. R-32 is a type of refrigerant that can convey heat, which can effectively reduce electricity consumption for up to 10% compared to other types of refrigerants. Daikin’s own refrigerant likewise has a low global warming potential, which can prevent harming the planet.

Another great benefit of Daikin products is that they use an inverter technology that has less temperature fluctuation. Their inverter system can gently control power, reach the desired temperature quicker, and steadily maintain the temperature without unnecessary fluctuations. These benefits can effectively provide comfort and great savings when it comes to running costs.

As for their operations, Daikin split systems maximise Coanda Airflow Technology. This kind of technology provides great airflow length within a specific area or room by streaming cool air upwards along with the ceiling and circulating it in the occupied space. This specific airflow can avoid furniture and other obstructions so that the conditioned air can be thrown to the far wall, ensuring rapid cooling of the area, even temperature distribution, and enhanced comfort levels.

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