The Significance of Zoning the Air Conditioning System of Your Home

10 May 2022

Homeowners would fit their properties with air conditioning units to achieve quality cooling in their rooms and spaces. Air conditioning units, however, are not made similarly. While modern types of these appliances are already energy-efficient, those who own past models may still require high amounts of energy before they can be effective in cooling property parts and areas.

One ideal solution that homeowners can integrate with their homes is zoning.

Zoning is the process of separating an air conditioning system, allowing it to deliver cool air to various areas on a property. Many commercial and industrial properties these days already incorporate zoning into their spaces. Once your home maximises zoning, you can conveniently attain the following benefits.

Cooling Control

One of the benefits of zoning the air conditioning system of your home is it grants you excellent cooling control. Normally, you can change the air temperature of your air conditioning unit by altering its thermostat. And as time passes, the same unit will evenly distribute the cold air throughout a room or area of your home. A thermostat can be effective in altering your air’s temperature. However, it cannot be utilised in limiting the airflow of your unit. Through zoning, it can restrict your air conditioning system from cooling rooms or areas that are not used by anyone.

Major Savings

Another benefit of zoning the air conditioning system of your home is it can offer you major savings. As mentioned earlier, zoning can restrict the system from cooling unoccupied rooms or areas. With effective zoning, your air conditioning system can only cool spaces that have some people around. The restrictive capabilities of zoning can, therefore, grant you savings on your energy bill. On average, you and other homeowners can save at least 30% of your energy bill, which is already significant if you are thinking of saving some money and spending your budget on major home upgrades.

Great Versatility

One more benefit of zoning your air conditioning system is it is versatile. Even though you have already invested in a central air conditioning system or other cooling systems, the components needed for zoning can still be installed and work alongside them. No matter what type of cooling system you have, you can expect technicians to fit them with zoning components without any issues. It can even be installed in spaces with ductwork. The versatility of zoning allows you and other property owners to save resources instead of buying another cooling unit.

The process of zoning is done by installing dampers or other similar components in the ductwork. The control over these components can then be integrated into one hub.

At Oregan Air Conditioning, we can ensure that your home can attain efficient zoning as we can install MyAir. MyAir can provide you with up to 10 zones and the function to adjust the airflow to your rooms and spaces with just a few taps on the screen. The touchscreen can even be utilised for searching for a recipe, playing music, watching videos, and other activities.

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