The Working Principles of MyPlace and MyAir from Advantage Air

15 December 2020

The control over the distribution of air on a property can be organised through zoning. Zoning, which is also similar to zone control, allows property owners to effectively group rooms and areas into one zone. With special control solutions, the HVAC system can now heat or cool specific zones rather than providing air to the entire property. Aside from cooling and heating, control solutions or hubs can also regulate the operations of other fixtures such as lights, fans, doors, and even motorised blinds.

With effective control over these products, control solutions can easily maximise energy efficiency and provide comfort to property owners and occupants. Expenses are also expected to go down due to the presence of zone control and centralised management.

Advantage Air Produces Smart Home Controls

Advantage Air is a company that has been developing control solutions since 1990. Through their R&D engineers, they have produced products that are not only attractive but also practical and useful. Their main production is done right here in Australia, ensuring that every community can easily access their offerings. They also have excellent customer service, which is conducted by their own internal customer service centre. Their commitment to their products permitted them to continuously thrive and flourish.

Two notable products that are part of their smart home control solutions are MyPlace and MyAir. With these products, a home property can be easily granted with smart controls over existing air conditioning units, lights, and other similar fixtures and units.

Living Comfortably with MyPlace and MyAir

MyPlace is a complete control system that can manage the operations of existing electronic products at a specific property. Additionally, it can be integrated into products that will be added in the future, all without the need for additional wiring or other components. With reliable electricians, MyPlace can be conveniently connected to lights, garage doors, air conditioning units, fans, motorised blinds, and many more. The control over the MyPlace system is normally done on the provided portable colour touchscreen. MyPlace likewise utilises six on/off relays to effectively connect the mentioned products.

Alternatively, MyAir focuses primarily on controlling the air conditioning unit. This smart technology can limit the operational expenses of the air conditioning unit by only cooling certain parts of a property. MyAir works by providing up to 10 zones to property owners. It also allows property owners to control the individual room airflow through a colour touchscreen or tablet. This smart control system is compatible with almost all major brands of air conditioning units and can be integrated fully into the MyPlace system.

Unlike other smart hubs, both MyPlace and MyAir can easily convert existing conventional appliances and components into smart ones. These smart home solutions avoid additional expenses that may be acquired when buying new smart air conditioning units, lights, and so on.

Smarter Home with Oregan Air Conditioning

If you want to obtain these smart control systems from Advantage Air, feel free to contact us at Oregan Air Conditioning. We only work with the market-leading manufacturers so you can be sure that the equipment we supply you with is of the highest quality and standards.


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