Top 3 Benefits of Installing Fresh Air System in Your Home

29 September 2021

When it comes to maintaining the comfort of one’s home, a property owner would install a highly efficient air conditioning unit. With the presence of this specific appliance, the temperature of property areas can be sustained at comfortable levels. An air conditioning unit can likewise improve the health of occupants.

Even though an air conditioning unit can already provide substantial benefits to property owners and their families, they can still add one more system that is proven to be very beneficial.

A Fresh Air System is a system that property owners like you can add alongside the air conditioning unit. This specific system, as its name implies, draws fresh outside air during certain conditions and allows the air conditioning unit to distribute the drawn air. The Fresh Air System often takes in fresh outside air whenever the temperature drops to 22°C. If you are thinking of installing a Fresh Air System in your home, then here are some benefits that you may obtain from the system.

  1. Better Air Quality

One of the most notable benefits of installing a Fresh Air System in your home is that you can obtain better air quality. This specific system has the primary purpose of taking in fresh, clean, cool air from outdoors. And since your air conditioning unit will distribute the fresh air obtained by this system, your rooms and areas can be filled with high-quality air in just a short time. As the intake of fresh air inside your property continues, you and your family can feel more relaxed in breathing in the air. Illnesses and respiratory issues can likewise be prevented with the presence of this effective system.

  1. Sizable Savings

Another benefit of acquiring a Fresh Air System in your home is that it can grant you sizeable savings, especially in terms of energy consumption and long-term expenses. The existence of this system can help you avoid the use of the outdoor compressor in certain instances, which could already cut a huge amount on your energy bills. And since the outdoor compressor is not running, the service life of your air conditioning unit can be preserved. Your long-term expenses, which include repairs and maintenance, will likewise be kept at a minimum since the Fresh Air System is expected to withstand elements.

  1. Enhanced Value

One more benefit of obtaining a Fresh Air System in your home is that it can preserve the value of your property. As the system continuously lets in fresh air into your property, the odour of your rooms and spaces will remain pleasant. Additionally, the presence of fresh air can prevent the occurrence of mould and other elements that could be damaging to your property. With the absence of damaging elements, you can expect your property’s value to be sustained or even improved. It can likewise help you avoid unnecessary expenses for repairs and maintenance.

To obtain a Fresh Air System for your property, feel free to call us at Oregan Air Conditioning.

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