Top 4 Signs Your Ducted Air Conditioner Requires Immediate Servicing

16 December 2021

Property owners nowadays can choose from a wide array of air conditioners in cooling their rooms and spaces. One popular type of air conditioner that they would often pick is the ducted air conditioner.

Ducted air conditioners are preferred by many property owners due to a couple of reasons. One of the reasons why they are picked by property owners is that they can make the properties appealing. Ducted air conditioners do not require a large wall unit just to cool the properties. Instead, they maximise minimal vents in the ceiling, which can help in improving the looks of the properties. Another reason why they are picked by property owners is that they can be effective in providing accurate control over cooling specific areas of the properties. They are also energy-efficient and can operate quietly.

If you own this type of air conditioner, then you have most likely enjoyed its benefits already. But once your ducted air conditioner manifests the following signs, you must have it serviced immediately.

  1. Faulty Ductwork

The ductwork of your property plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your spaces will be cooled optimally. With faulty ducts, it would be difficult for your air conditioner to carry out its functions and provide the necessary cool air for your property. Faulty ducts would normally possess some cracks, punctures, and tears. They might likewise contain some loose joints. Fixing these issues as soon as possible enables your air conditioner to work properly again and save resources.

  1. Blocked Ducts

The cold air from your air conditioner passes through your ductwork. So, ductwork filled with dust, airborne pollutants, and other similar elements will only make the cold air dirty as well, which can be harmful to one’s health. The same negative effect can be experienced if the ductwork is blocked with vermin and urine deposits. Your ducts may not have any cracks, punctures, or tears, but if they possess these elements, then you must have them serviced as soon as possible.

  1. Damaged Insulation

Another sign that tells you to have your ducted air conditioner checked and serviced is the presence of damaged insulation. The distance between the compressor and the air conditioning grilles of ducted air conditioners can be lengthy. Hence, the path where the cold air should travel must be insulated to retain its temperature and quality. With damaged or ineffective insulation, the ducted air conditioner might not be able to cool the property.

  1. Ineffective Drain

One more sign that tells you to have your ducted air conditioner serviced is the existence of an ineffective condensation drain. The condensation drain of your air conditioner is necessary to reduce humidity and prevent overflow of the indoor unit. Once it becomes ineffective, these functions will not be conducted anymore. An ineffective drain can likewise generate negative pressure, blocked filters, foul odours, and water dispersion on your property. Servicing it right away can prevent these issues from happening.

Other components of your ducted air conditioner that must be serviced regularly are supply ducts, zoning gates, system coils, electrical components, and filters. If you need to service your ducted air conditioner, you must call us now at Oregan Air Conditioning.

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