Understand How Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump Systems Work

25 February 2022

The Sanden Eco® Hot Water Heat Pump System is a popular choice for many homeowners who want to upgrade to a more efficient system. The Sanden system uses about 50% less energy compared to a conventional hot water system. This saves on your utility bills, and it is more environmentally friendly. Let’s see how it works.


How Does the Sanden Eco® System Work?

The Sanden Eco® system works differently from a standard electric hot water system. It is like a refrigerator, only it works in reverse. The system brings water in from the outside supply and passes it over a refrigerant. The refrigerant, in this case, is used to absorb heat rather than transmit cold. This refrigerant circulates through the system.

On its travels through the system, it passes into a compressor. As the pressure rises, so does the temperature. The refrigerant is now a hot gas that passes through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger transfers the heat to the water.

The refrigerant is recycled back through the system, and the hot water is passed to a storage tank. Hot water flows into the top of the tank, and cold water falls to the bottom. The cold water at the bottom is recirculated through the heat exchanger system to maintain the temperature of the tank.


What Type of Refrigerant Is Used?

The Sanden system uses R744 (CO2) as a refrigerant to absorb thermal energy. It is ozone-friendly and is safe for the environment. It is also five times more efficient than electric heaters. The system heats up faster than a conventional water heater. It takes only four hours for the entire tank of water to heat when starting from cold water.

The Sanden system comes with built-in freeze protection, which means that it can be used throughout the year in Australia. Many homeowners are choosing to replace their traditional electric or gas system with a Sanden Eco so that they can experience energy savings. The system has two parts, a heat pump that will be installed outdoors and a tank that is installed indoors. This system does not “steal” indoor air temperature as many conventional systems do, and you can order a range of tank sizes to suit your needs.

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