Understanding How Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System Works

26 July 2021

Hot water heat pump systems are often utilised in providing hot water to properties without any unnecessary delays and hiccups. However, a lot of the conventional ones do not certainly offer tremendous savings in terms of utility costs and energy consumption.

One company, however, has come up with products that do not only offer hot water to a property but also provide substantial savings in overall costs and energy. Sanden, a Japanese-owned global company, has been known for its robust reputation in the field of heating and cooling technology. The main goal of this company is to provide innovative products to people that would make their lives more comfortable.

A product from Sanden that can give you great benefits is the Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System. With more than 50 years of experience in the field, Sanden has truly incorporated a lot of modern features to the whole build of the “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System.

Incredible Features

Basically, the overall design of the “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System allows it to only consume around 22% of the energy that is often maximised by a conventional hot water heat pump system. Its accompanying components likewise allow it to sustain up to 50% faster heat recovery as opposed to the typical heat pump systems. At an ambient air of 20 degrees, the “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System would only take 4 hours to heat 315 litres of water from 17 degrees to 65 degrees.

Aside from its efficiency in converting and maintaining the temperature of the hot water, the “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System can also save a lot of energy and minimise the emissions of toxins in the air. It even utilises an ozone-friendly refrigerant, making the product eco-friendly. Being an eco-friendly device, the consumer can enjoy healthy rebates that cannot be obtained with other systems.

The “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System can likewise operate silently, withstand damaging surrounding elements, and work with all climates. This product is likewise covered by a long-term warranty.

Working Principles

All the features and benefits of the “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System are possible due to its components and their respective working principles.

The “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System maximises a fan that pushes air into the evaporator, which contains an ozone-friendly refrigerant. Subsequently, the warm gaseous refrigerant will circulate in the system through a compressor. The arrival of the refrigerant into the compressor increases both the pressure and temperature of the system. Next, the hot refrigerant will now pass through a heat exchanger so that the water can be heated before pumping it into the storage tank.

The use of R744 refrigerant technology allows the “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System from Sanden to heat water without causing harm to the environment. This refrigerant likewise helps in minimising energy expenses and consumption.

Available at Oregan Air Conditioning

If you want to purchase Sanden “Eco®” Hot Water Heat Pump System for your property, feel free to call us at Oregan Air Conditioning. We are a well-established family business specialising in the professional installation of reliable, high-quality heating and cooling systems.

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