What Can You Do with a Clogged Air Conditioner Drain Line?

26 May 2021

Many property owners purchase and install air conditioners to effectively cool their rooms and spaces. And through the system components of air conditioners, they can provide cold air temperatures without generating issues as they operate.

One helpful system component of air conditioners that can help them successfully process air temperatures is the drain line. The drain line of these units helps remove their excess condensation. Without this specific component, the condensation inside the units will only hinder them from providing optimum temperatures and operating normally.

These issues, unfortunately, can occur if the air conditioner drain line is clogged. With a clogged drain line, the area around the unit may be flooded with water. Mould growth and unit damage may also be present. To preventtheseissues, here are some things that you need to do if your drain line is clogged.

Turn Off the Unit’s Power

Your air conditioner unit, alongside other units of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system must be turned off before conducting any repairs and maintenance for your drain line. Switching them off allows you to conduct necessary changes to your system component without generating more problems along the way. This step can also prevent the draining of water and the flooding of the drain pan.

Locate the Drain Line

The next step that you should do is to find the drain line and its access points. This specific system component is typically located near the condenser unit. Once you have accessed this part, you must find its access points to easily see if it is already full or not. Consequently, you must open the cap and check if there is any blockage. At this point, you might have to bring a bucket to catch the excess water and drain any elements that may be blocking the whole line.

Pour Vinegar Solution

While some blockage inside the drain line can be removed manually, others might be located too far down. In this case, you need to flush it with vinegar solution. Mixing soap and warm water to the vinegar is recommended if the smell of the latter is too strong. Your solution must be poured fully into the drain line where the cap can be accessed and leave it for 30 minutes.

Flush the Line with Water

After 30 minutes of leaving the vinegar solution inside the drain line, you must now flush it with water. The water, at this point, must flow flawlessly to signify that the clog has already been eradicated. If the water, however, does not flow smoothly, then additional steps may be required. You may need to attach a vacuum hose to the exit of the drain line. Once the connection is airtight, you must now run it for about a minute. Check again if all the clog has been removed.

You can pour a vinegar solution into your drain line again, leave it for half an hour, and flush it with water. If the water is clear, then your drain line is now clog-free. If not, then you must have it checked with professionals. For maintenance needs, feel free to reach us at Oregan Air Conditioning.


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