What Makes Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump Eco-Friendly?

21 February 2023

Households take advantage of hot water in conducting common domestic activities like cleaning, cooking, and bathing.

One reason behind using hot water is it can improve the health of users, especially their immune system as they use it for bathing. Hot water can likewise get rid of bacteria, germs, and others conveniently, making it a perfect component for cleaning. But to ensure that hot water can be supplied continuously, homeowners like you should invest in a hot water heat pump.

Many hot water heat pumps today come from various manufacturers. However, one that stands out among homeowners comes from Sanden.

An Overview of Sanden Heat Pumps

Sanden is a hot water heat pump manufacturer and supplier in Australia and has been operating for more than 50 years. With its solid reputation in terms of heating and cooling technology, the company continues to engineer and produce products that can make buildings here in Australia comfortable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective.

One key feature of Sanden hot water heat pumps that has enticed property owners to buy them is their associated warranties. Their warranties often include 3 years of full parts and labour on the heat pump unit and 15 years pro rata for full parts and labour on all stainless steel tanks.

These products are also reputable here in Australia as they do not consume a lot of energy. Their low energy consumption then provides consumers like you with fewer expenses. You can likewise expect lower expenses with these products since they do not need to be replaced from time to time thanks to their solid build quality.

Sanden is Environmentally Friendly

Generally, Sanden hot water heat pumps are energy-efficient and cost-effective. They also come with warranties in case their parts deteriorate and get damaged over time. But one more distinct quality of these products that led to their popularity is their eco-friendliness.

The low energy use of Sanden hot water heat pumps allows them to generate low greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, they take advantage of an eco-friendly refrigerant, making their components less harmful and less destructive to the environment. This refrigerant, known as CO2 (R744), is non-toxic, non-explosive, and less expensive than others.

Sanden hot water heat pumps generally work by absorbing heat from the air and transferring it to heat water. The refrigerant CO2 (R744) is responsible for the heat absorption from the air before it is sent to a compressor where it will be converted into a high-temperature gas. The said gas will then pass through a condenser within the water tank, increasing the temperature of the stored water in the tank. Backup elements are not maximised by these Sanden systems.

Picking the Right Hot Water System

If you want to install a hot water system on your property, you may contact us at Oregan Air Conditioning. We can help you choose the right hot water system for your property. To date, Sanden has two hot water systems that you can choose from. These systems are GAUS-315EQTD and GAUS-315EQTE. The first one maximises a short, fat tank, while the other boasts a tall, thin tank. They can both, however, operate effectively and accordingly.

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