When Should You Consider Adding a Zoning System to Your Property?

23 August 2021

To ensure that home properties can obtain comfortable temperature and ventilation, they are often equipped with a capable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. This specific system, as stated, has various components that can heat and cool the spaces of the properties. It can likewise provide improvements over the air quality of their spaces.

Air conditioners are one of the primary components of an HVAC system. With these specific components, the spaces of your home can be cooled so that the ambient high temperatures can be negated effectively.

While these components are truly helpful to your home, there are some instances where they consume too much energy during their operations. They may still cool some rooms and spaces even if no one is around these places. Fortunately, a zoning system can be added to mitigate this specific issue.

A Quick Overview of the Zoning System

An HVAC zoning system is a system that maximises dampers in the ductwork to effectively redirect the air to certain areas of a property. The redirection of the air allows the HVAC system, particularly the air conditioners, to just supply cold air to areas that truly need it, instead of cooling all rooms and spaces inside the property. Various customised temperature zones are expected to be created when maximising a zoning system, which can then increase overall comfort, HVAC system efficiency, and user savings.

To date, there are three primary components of an HVAC zoning system. These components include the thermostats, control panel, and dampers. Thermostats are often foundin various areas or zones in a property, making sure that these individual spaces have distinct temperatures during the HVAC system operations. These thermostats are then connected to the control panel, which regulates all the operations needed for zoning. Dampers, subsequently, can divert the cool air to the areas or zones that need it.

Knowing When to Add a Zoning System

While properties can generally benefit from the presence of a zoning system, there are some instances where this specific system can significantly make their spaces a lot better. If you are considering adding a zoning system to your property, then here are some instances where you can maximise it fully.

·         Transferring to a New Home: Adding a zoning system when transferring to a new home can be great for you and your family since it can instantly save you a lot of money and energy. The integration of this system right away to your HVAC system units can free you from any troubles of sizing the components and other key aspects of their installation.

·         Installing a New HVAC System: Now, if you will be replacing your HVAC system with a new one, then it might be the best time for you to add a zoning system. The installation of a new HVAC system and a zoning system allows you to take advantage of their efficient operations.

·         Experiencing Inconsistency: Your HVAC system units may be operational, but they might be releasing inconsistent temperatures to certain parts of your home. Opting for a zoning system, fortunately, can resolve any inconsistency issues given its accompanying working principles.


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