When to Pick a Ducted Air Conditioning for Your Property?

15 December 2022

Buildings require different system units to ensure that they can perform well throughout their building lives. One of them is the air conditioning system.

An air conditioning system is comprised of elements that can provide cool air to the rooms of buildings. It can also filter the indoor air, ensuring that the spaces inside the properties are free from contaminants, microbes, and others that can affect the occupants’ quality of life. With clean, cool air, people inside the buildings can conveniently carry out their intended activities or tasks. The service life of equipment pieces is likewise prolonged with this system.

Many more benefits can be obtained with an air conditioning system. However, one must choose the correct type to fully maximise this specific system. One type of air conditioning that some property owners must maximise is ducted air conditioning.

The Operation of Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted air conditioning unit relies on a network of ducts when distributing cool air. It can also distribute heated air whenever necessary, making this type of air conditioning a must for properties that require heating and cooling as the season changes. The ducts used by this type of air conditioning are often made from sheet metal since it is strong, malleable, cost-effective, and recyclable. The ductwork can be found behind the walls and ceilings. All ducts are then connected to a central air conditioning unit that releases processed air.

These qualities cannot be found in ductless air conditioning system since it maximises air handlers in distributing heated or cool air inside a building. The air handlers are often installed inside a wall or ceiling. They can also be placed on the outside of a wall.

Ducted Air Conditioning Might Be for You

There are instances when ducted air conditioning may suit one’s property. If you are thinking of buying one, here are some circumstances when you can truly maximise ducted air conditioning inside your property.

• Ducts Already Exist: One circumstance when you can maximise ducted air conditioning is if your property already utilises ducts. Your walls might already be filled with ductwork that is still in good condition. And instead of removing its components, connecting it to ducted air conditioning might be more beneficial for your property in terms of overall cooling and heating. You do not even have to allocate a lot of money for the ductwork installation.

• Appearance Matters: A ducted air conditioning might also be for you if you want to prioritise the appearance of your property. Some air conditioning systems maximise components installed on the wall surfaces and other parts of the property. This type of setup always ends up ruining the appeal of the rooms and spaces. With ducted air conditioning, you can expect your property to still boast a great appearance as the ducts are kept behind the walls.

• Humid Environment: The presence of a high level of humidity inside your property is already a definitive sign that you need to invest in ducted air conditioning. Ducted air conditioning works best in humid places as it can cool them down effectively. This type of air conditioning can effectively remove moisture from the air and drain it out of your property. As it operates, you can expect your property’s air quality to improve significantly.

To install a ducted air conditioner on your property, you can contact us at Oregan Air Conditioning. We are a well-established family business specialising in the professional installation of reliable, high-quality heating and cooling systems.

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