Wonders of Fresh Air System: Health Benefits of Breathing in Fresh Air inside Your Home

29 April 2021

Most of the time, homeowners often maximise air conditioning units in cooling their properties. And given the way these units are typically designed, the windows of the properties must be closed so that the cool air can circulate efficiently and effectively.

While modern air conditioning units have components that can clean the air they produce, the fresh air from outside still outweighs the air produced by the said units, especially when it comes to health benefits. Fortunately, there are units available today that can effectively permit fresh and clean air from outdoors to enter the property without creating any issues or problems.

A Quick Background of Fresh Air Systems

We, at Oregan Air Conditioning, offer fresh air systems that can complement air conditioning units. As their name suggests, fresh air systems allow fresh, clean, and cool air to be brought inside home properties without utilising an outdoor compressor. The absence of this component only signifies huge savings when it comes to the running and maintenance costs of the systems.

Fresh air systems work by drawing in fresh outside air, especially if its temperature has dropped below 22°C. The drawing in of air often happens during nighttime. However, it may also happen during winter, allowing the compressor to rest for a while and let the fresh air do the work. The air conditioning system, at this point, will distribute fresh and clean air from the outdoors, providing essential health benefits to homeowners and their families.

Health Benefits of Breathing in Fresh Air

There are a lot of health benefits that are associated with breathing in the fresh air inside your home. For one, breathing in the fresh air can help improve the blood pressure and heart rate of homeowners and other people inside the property. The presence of fresh air can also increase the flow of body oxygen, which can then help improve digestion, circulation, and other crucial body processes.

One more system that can take advantage of breathing in fresh air is the immune system. Breathing in the fresh air can supply a good amount of oxygen to the body, which can help the white blood cells function properly and fight bacteria and germs. And speaking of oxygen, the existence of fresh air inside the home property can cleanse the lungs of home occupants. Even respiratory issues will be prevented as long as the amount of fresh cool air inside the property stays high.

Another great health benefit of breathing in fresh air is it can improve mood. The more fresh air one breathes in, the happier one can be due to the increase in serotonin production by the body. Home occupants that breathe in the fresh air can likewise be more productive as the said air can improve concentration skills and support other skills that are necessary for conducting tasks.

Fresh Air System at Oregan Air Conditioning

If you want to acquire these benefits, feel free to contact us at Oregan Air Conditioning. We offer fresh air systems that can offer you these health benefits as well as significant cost and energy savings. We only work with the market-leading manufacturers so you can be sure that the equipment we supply you with is of the highest quality and standards.


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