Is Ducted Air Conditioning the Right Option for Your Home?

25 October 2022

As a homeowner, you have the responsibility to make your home as comfortable as possible. After all, you only want your family to stay cosy whenever they are inside your beloved property.

One way to make your family comfortable is to maximise the right type of air conditioning system. An air conditioning system is essential in home properties since it provides cool air to rooms and spaces, especially if the temperature outdoors is high. Once this system has been turned on, you and others can gradually feel more comfortable and relaxed while carrying out your work, doing some homework, or taking some rest.

But not all air conditioning systems are similar. To accommodate the varying needs of home properties, manufacturers have released various types of air conditioning systems. One type of air conditioning system that you might want to maximise is ducted air conditioning. Before you opt for a ducted one, you must consider the following factors first.

Size of Your Space

One of the factors you must consider before opting for ducted air conditioning is the size of your home space. A ducted air conditioning system provides and transports cold air to various places in a property through a series of ducts. And if your property is huge, it may be best for you to rely on ducted air conditioning in transporting cold air to various parts of your home. As for the configuration of your ducted air conditioning, you must match it to the size of your premises, ceiling height, location and size of the windows, and the direction of your home.

Energy Expenses

Aside from the size of your home space, you must also consider your energy expenses. Some air conditioning types have to consume tons of energy to effectively provide cool air to rooms and spaces. A home with tons of rooms and spaces may even require multiple units of air conditioning systems just to be cooled. This consumption then forces you to spend a lot of money. Opting for ducted air conditioning, fortunately, can save some utility expenses since this system does not require tons of energy. It does not also require multiple units to operate.

Airflow and Insulation

A ducted air conditioning may be powerful enough to cool your rooms and spaces without spending too much energy, but if your home itself does not have proper airflow and insulation, you may have to think twice about the purchase. To determine if your home has proper airflow and insulation, you must know where the windows are located. You must also know if there is any presence of natural breezes. You may even pinpoint the way your family can get warm whenever they need to.

Overall Maintenance

One more thing to consider before picking ducted air conditioning for your home is its overall maintenance. The upkeep requirements of a ducted air conditioning system can be challenging as it requires the regular cleaning of ducts. Its components must also be maintained regularly to ensure that the air conditioning system can remain functional throughout its operations. Fortunately, modern ducted air conditioning systems can already be cleaned and maintained conveniently with the help of modern cleaning methods.

If you have finally decided to go for ducted air conditioning, you can contact us at Oregan Air Conditioning so we can help you install one. We can install Daikin ducted systems in homes as they bring tons of benefits to property owners like you.

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