Remove Major Contaminants in Your Home by Adding a Fresh Air System

10 January 2023

Cleanliness should always be prioritised by homeowners and their families to make sure that their respective houses can remain appealing, comfortable, and tidy. It is often achieved by sweeping and mopping the floor, wiping dirt and dust off the surfaces, and sanitising frequently touched areas almost daily.

But despite doing these cleaning activities, some houses still feel dirty and uncomfortable. Others may even get sick, even though they clean their respective properties all the time.

One possible reason behind this is the existence of allergens, contaminants, and other harmful elements in the air. Even with clean surfaces, the existence of polluted air inside a property may still affect the living condition of families inside a house.

A Fresh Air System is Needed

If you are one of the homeowners who feel that your house still feels dirty and uncomfortable, you may want to invest in a fresh air system. A fresh air system is comprised of components that can capture more than 90% of airborne particles like dust and smoke. They are also capable of getting rid of moisture and odours that can affect air quality. Other contaminants that it can remove are volatile organic compounds, mould, lead, pet dander, and pollen.

Most major indoor contaminants can be eradicated by this system, making it very useful for those who might be already suffering from existing allergies and health conditions. Your family can also be saved from developing health symptoms once you install this system.

The effectiveness of this system, however, can be maintained if you will be cleaning it every three to five years. Failure to clean it will only turn it into the main source of pollutants in the air.

Benefits of a Fresh Air System

Tons of benefits are associated with a fresh air system. Upon its installation, you can expect to gain the following benefits in your home.

• Improve Overall Health: One of the benefits of a fresh air system is it can improve the health of your entire family. As mentioned earlier, this system can eradicate indoor air pollutants that cause health issues. Without any contaminants in the air, your family will have a low chance of developing physical symptoms like chronic coughing, sneezing, low fever, recurring headaches, lack of energy, and random body rashes.

• Eradicate Bad Odours: Another benefit of a fresh air system is it can eradicate foul odours inside your property. Bad, funky odours can deter you and others from getting some great rest. They can also prevent you from enjoying your delicious meals, as the odours may linger around your home for a long time. A fresh air system, fortunately, can get rid of unwanted smells that may come from mould or pests inside or around your home.

• Minimise Energy Use: A fresh air system can, ultimately, minimise energy use. This system does not only eradicate harmful elements in the air but can also send cool air without drawing too much power.It makes the system a cost-efficient investment that your household can fully appreciate and enjoy.

If you want to install a quality fresh air system in your home, you can contact us at Oregan Air Conditioning. We can offer you an upgrade of a Fresh Air System alongside the installation of your air conditioning unit.

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