Slim-Line Ducted Aircon Installation by Oregan Air: Comfort, Energy Efficiency, and Space

25 August 2023

Set up an effective AC system in your property with slim-line ducted aircon installation by Oregan Air. Learn the benefits of slim-line ducted AC.

When it comes to air conditioning your space, you must consider a ducted air conditioning system that not only provides efficient cooling but also maximises comfort and space utilisation. Slim-line ducted air conditioning system is a popular choice among property owners as it offers tons of features and benefits for residential and commercial applications.

Primary Features of Slim-line Ducted Aircon

Many features are associated with a slim-line ducted air conditioning system. Some of its features that you should know are as follows.

• Efficient Cooling: A slim-line ducted air conditioning system can deliver efficient cooling throughout a space. Its general design allows for the installation of smaller, more discreet ductwork, which minimises air leakage and improves airflow efficiency. It ensures that cool air is evenly distributed, eliminating hot spots and providing consistent building comfort.

• Zoning Capability: Another feature of slim-line ducted aircon systems has to do with their zoning capability. Zoning allows you to divide your space into different areas or zones and independently control the temperature in each zone. This feature is particularly beneficial in larger spaces or multi-level buildings where different rooms may have varying cooling requirements. Customising the temperature settings for each zone can help you optimise comfort and energy efficiency, as you only cool the areas that are occupied.

• Space-Saving: The slim-line design of this air conditioning system is specifically engineered to reduce the impact on your space. The slim ductwork can be installed in tight ceiling or wall cavities, allowing for a discreet and unobtrusive installation. Additionally, the indoor unit can be installed in a concealed space like a ceiling void or utility room to further save valuable floor space.

• Energy Efficiency: A slim-line ducted air conditioning system is designed with energy efficiency in mind. The smaller, well-insulated ductwork reduces energy loss and ensures that the conditioned air reaches its intended destination without significant wastage. Its energy-efficient operation can result in lower bills and a reduced environmental impact.

• Quiet Operation: Slim-line ducted aircon systems are designed to operate quietly, with the indoor unit and ductwork effectively minimising noise transmission. These systems can ensure a peaceful and comfortable environment, allowing occupants to carry out their activities without disruption.

Slim-line Ducted Aircon General Installation

The installation process of a slim-line ducted air conditioning system involves numerous steps.

One of these steps is assessment and planning. A professional technician must be contacted to evaluate factors like the size of the area, the number of rooms or zones to be cooled, and any specific climate control needs. This assessment can help in designing the optimal layout for the ductwork and pinpointing the appropriate size and capacity of the system components.

After assessment and planning, the ductwork must then be installed in the designated areas. The design of the ducts allows them to be installed in tight spaces, ensuring a discreet installation. The indoor unit must also be installed in a concealed space like a ceiling void or utility room. Its placements can help save valuable floor space and keep the unit out of sight. The indoor unit is expected to be connected to the ductwork.

The outdoor unit, subsequently, should be placed in an outdoor area like a backyard or rooftop. It is connected to the indoor unit through refrigerant lines and electrical wiring. All other electrical connections must be installed and connected to allow power transmission and control.

Once everything is done, the whole system must be tested and commissioned to ensure its components will function accordingly.

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